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What is Towny SMP?

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Dec 4, 2019
Basic Information on How Towny SMP Works:
Users can create a town. The town layout is based on the chunk system, so when a user starts/founds a town, that chunk they were standing in becomes the home chunk for their town. They can pay money to buy up more chunks for land in their town. Chunks can then be sold or given to residents within the town. Some Mayors will just set all their open chunks to be for sale for free so any new members can claim them, some towns will charge their residents for chunks, and some Mayors will just manually assign chunks to residents at their discretion. This is up to the mayor entirely.

The residents of the town are then taxed by the town and Mayor automatically, daily, to help keep the town afloat. Mayors can customize their specific tax rate. Some Mayors may choose to foot the bill for a town all by themselves.

Towns stay active until they run out of money within their town banks to pay their taxes, at which point a town will fall leaving the territory open to be claimed by other users.

In-Depth explanation:

Variables with our version of Towny:
  • Town Cost: $10,000
  • Town Upkeep: $25/chunk/day
  • New Chunk price: $500

  • Outpost Cost: $10,000

  • Nation Cost: $250,000
  • Nation Upkeep: $2500/day

  • Max Tax on Residents: $100/day or 1% of money

  • Inactive Kick (players will be kicked from town automatically after this): 90 days

In addition to having the Towny plugin on Towny SMP, there is also MCMMO, Chest Protection, Economy & Player Shops, Player Homes, and Player Teleports.

This plugins adds in an RPG-like experience in Minecraft with the inclusion of skill leveling in areas such as alchemy, mining, swords, and woodcutting; special abilities; custom loot; new mechanics; and a different PvP experience.
Note: Salvage is disabled on the server.​

Chest Protection:
Chest protection adds in the ability for the player to stop other players from accessing their chests and give people access to their locked chests.
Note: Chest Protection only works in towns.

Economy & Player Shops:
The Economy & Player Shops plugin adds in the ability to make an in-game currency which you can use to buy items from other players from their shops. /trade has been added if you preferred a more traditional trade system. /ah has been added if you like the auction style of shops.

Player Homes:
Player homes add in the ability for you to set a home on the spot you're standing on which you can teleport back to that spot from anywhere in the world with a 3 second delay. Players have a maximum of 5 homes.

Player Teleports:
Player teleports add in the ability for players to teleport to each other anywhere in the world with a 3 second delay.
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