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Useful Towny SMP Commands

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Dec 4, 2019
Here are most of the commands that you can use in Towny SMP that are relevant all in one place so! This list will be updated if more commands are added. Enjoy :)

Towny related commands list for Towns and Nations for Residents and Mayors located in /help

Chest Protection Commands:
↳ Create a donation chest

↳ Check chest protection info

/cpassword <password>
↳ Add a password to a locked chest that you own

↳ Create a public chest

/cmodify <player>
↳ Give a player access to a locked chest

/cmodify -<player>
↳ Remove a player’s access to a locked chest

/cremove or /unlock
↳ Unlock a chest that you own

↳ Remove all locks you have

↳ Lock a chest so only you can access [Can only be done in a town you are in]

Economy Commands:
↳ Check your balance

/pay <player> <amount>
↳ Pay a player

/trade <player>
↳ Start a trade with another player

/trade accept or /trade deny
↳ Accept or deny a trade request

↳ Open the auction house

/ah sell <price>
↳ List the item you're holding on the auction house

Home Commands:
/delhome <name>
↳ Delete a home

/home <name>
↳ Teleport to your home

↳ See a list of your homes

/sethome <name>
↳ Create a home at your current location

Kit Commands:
/kit <name>
↳ Receive a kit

↳ See a list of available kits

Linking Commands:
/discord link
↳ Link your minecraft account to LTT Discord to receive Floatplane rank if you have it on the LTT Discord

/discord unlink
↳ Unlink your minecraft account from LTT Discord

↳ Link your minecraft account to the LTT Minecraft Forums [Works in /hub]

mcMMO Commands:
↳ Enable/Disable mcMMO ability toggle

↳ Enable/Disable mcMMO notifications toggle. [No more **Enemy Bleeding** :^)]

/<mcMMO skill name>
↳ Shows stats for the skill and shows skill information if a '?' is added after the skillname [ie: /mining ?]

mcMMO (Parties) Commands:
/party accept
↳ Accept party invite

/party chat
↳ Toggle party chat

/party create <name>
↳ Create a party

/party invite <player>
↳ Invite a player to your party

/party join <player>
↳ Join a player’s party

/party quit
↳ Leave the party you’re currently in

Rules Command:
↳ Gives links to the rules [Or Go Here]

Teleportation Commands:
↳ Teleport to spawn

/tpa <player>
↳ Request to teleport to a player

/tpaccept or /tpyes
↳ Accept a tp request

/tpadeny or /tpno
↳ Cancel a tp request

/tpahere <player>
↳ Request a player to teleport to you

↳ Toggle the ability for teleportation requests to be sent to you

/warp <name>
↳ Teleport to a warp

↳ See a list of warps

↳ Teleport to a random place in the wild

Other Command:
/fb on
↳ Turn on the scoreboard on the right side of your screen

/fb off
↳ Turn on the scoreboard on the right side of your screen

/jointoggle or /togglejoin
↳ Toggle your join message if you have a rank (Diamond, Obsidian, and Void).

↳ Check your ping

↳ Open up the trash can
↳ Vote for the server for a reward
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