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The restritions on Creative need a whole revamp. Not a very "Creative" server.


May 1, 2020
The "Creative" server is kind of made redundant when half of the blocks that could be used to be "creative" with are banned.

Just a small list of banned items:
  • TNT
  • Flint n steel/Fire
  • Ender eye
  • Portals (both)
  • Lava
  • Water (with edit, have to place everything by hand)
  • Maps
  • Fire charge
  • Potions
  • Dispenser functionality
  • Mobs
  • Books
  • Shulker boxes
  • - And some other things I forgot about just as I'm writing this post.

Why? Why are all these blocks/items banned? There's people constantly making lag machines and I'm the one not allowed to place water? I legit can'tbuild what I want and invision cause half of the stuff is banned.

  • Blocks: Give most of these blocks a timer. A cooldown. For example, every time someone places down a TNT block, it has a 5 minute cooldown. If someone wants to blow something up and lag out the server for 2 seconds, they'll only have to wait a total of 50 minutes to place down 10 TNT blocks. If I was a troll, that's not woudn't be worth the effort.
  • Wand: If you're worried about someone lagging out the server when they place water or lava with the wand, just don't update those water/lava blocks. Or maybe have a max limit when using these blocks, such as max 10 blocks worth of water/lava placed at a time + a cooldown if you want.
  • Fire: Just disable the ability for fire to spread and make it purely a visual thing (don't get rid of TNT functionality tho. I need a way to have some small convincing craters left over).
  • Portals: Again. Make them just visual and not working. All I want is portals for decoration, not functionality.
  • Maps: No idea why that is banned. You allow people to make wall art without worry but for some reason you have disabled maps? They're the same thing.
  • Mobs: Make them braindead. I know in other games you can but no idea if you can in minecraft, but I presume you can. Maybe even give users a limit. eg. Account X is allowed maximum of 50 mobs.
  • Shulker boxes: Again, I want for decorations sake.
  • Books: Let's say a user has written a book they want to be done with, it goes to some queue for validation that's there's nothing bad in there if that's what ur worrying about. Once it's clear, give back to player.

Great fun server where other people get to see other people's stuff, but very annoying to build on cause it's just too restrictive. Sure there will be some trolls but most of these tools such as TNT are tools/decorations.


May 1, 2020
United States
Glass panes are also disabled with edit and its annoying but they must have their reasons. Perhaps it has to do with the fact all users are allowed to use world edit + people can use multiple versions of Minecraft which glitches several things


Mar 7, 2020
I would prefer if you could worldedit with glass panes (but set a cap to the number of blocks). It is annoying trying to //replace glass glasspanes and then it doesnt work and you have to go through and do everything by hand.


May 5, 2020
I'd like to know why the //stack command is disabled now. Also every block that emits light is now disabled too (exept jack'o'laterns).


Oct 19, 2020
Also the realm must be updated to 1.16. Incredible amounts of blocks were introduced since and more to come withe the cave update...
You can't build anything that's "modern" minecraft.
Dec 21, 2020
btw will linus ever come and chat with us .........never cause crreative is now dead
but we shall revive it through a formation of a new group builder incursion