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Survival SMP Timeline


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I've been working on a timeline for the Survival realm, including the alpha server. I'm basing the timeline's design off the timeline Sato86 made for 2b2t. So far, I'm thinking that July-October 2019 would be the first age, followed by a period lasting from the economy redesign in October to the Beta launch in February. I would like to put the forum launch date on the timeline, but I don't know when it started.

Below is a list of all the events on the timeline right now. What events should be added/removed? Remember that this is for the survival server only.

  • Server begins (July 2019) [Marks the beginning of the first age]
  • DeepBlue is constructed (August 2019) [DeepBlue was an underwater shopping strip with its own warp]
  • Jesus is constructed (August 2019) [Owned by Cubity_First, built by many]
  • Private warps removed (September 2019) [A move by the mods to make the server more professional. This event more that halved the number of warps.]
  • Skyblock temporarily opens (September 2019) [This is present because survival was the only server at the time. This event marked the start of the server's expansion into more than survival SMP. This skyblock server was removed after a short time. I remember waiting in lobby to visit the server with other SMP players.]
  • Diamond Jesus is constructed (October 2019) [Owned by Cube.]
  • North/South rail line completed (October 2019)
  • Economic collapse (October 2019) [Marks the beginning of a new period]
  • Server is publicly stress-tested (November 2019) [Crashed the server]
  • Diamond Jesus (December 2019) [It disappeared. Don't know what happened to it.]
  • Stress-test video is released (December 2019)
  • OVH takes over server hosting (December 2019)
  • Discord server created (January 2020)
  • Public beta opened (February 2020) [start of the current age]
  • Passive entity limit introduced (March 2020) [that thing where you can only have so many cows/sheep/other passive mobs in a certain space]
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