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Renders from the 1.12 server


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Apr 21, 2020
Renders from the old 1.12 Hard Survival Server :)
This is by all means not a complete collection and it will be expanded upon in the coming weeks.
Feel free to check from time to time (although I will be announcing major updates in the Discord too).

All coordinates are in their respective dimensions.
If you find any errors, leave a reply and I shall fix it.
If your build is missing, shoot me a message and I shall add it.

Unfinished Dungeon Project - Tavern (6960, -6200)
by ArousedAragorn and MorDec

ArousedAragorn's Beach House (6650, 1024)
by ArousedAragorn

XanderMart (160, 330)

by XanderStuff

Community Slime Farm (-4320, -6670)
MorDec, PenguinRepair and

Community Farms (-4300, -6300)
- Foreground: MorDec's Tower

- Background: Community Farm Area with auto-farms by T_h_a_n_a_t_o_s_ (the Japanese-Style building on the left) and ShepardBook's Map Tower (Japanese-Style building on the right)

Old Germantown - Square (5380, 1850)
by ArousedAragorn, Bruutzzz and T0rip (formerly known as LordPumpkin)

Old Germantown - Smith (5380, 1850)

by ArousedAragorn, Bruutzzz and T0rip (formerly known as LordPumpkin)

MorDec's Base (55, 700)

Corner Garden (10.000, -10.000)
by rcmaehl

East Community (10.000, 0)
by ExplosiveThingy, oyster_stew, DadVeeder, brannana and others.

MorDec's Nether Portal
(0, 88)
and South Nether Highway

Aeseith's Base (1708, 50)

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