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Public Shop Town made.


Feb 27, 2020
So...after a lot of discussion in the last weeks I decided to again try to build something for the Public. Lets see how it goes:)

I present the LTT Shop Town!
Now open for everyone!

The Town is located at x=0; Z=1700 (South).
It is far beyond the Lag-Town on top of a huge deep Ocean and has Space to grow a lot.
I prepared a street grid and basic design for the Public part. Please be so responsible to use the different plot sizes acording to your shop needs!

Other basic "Rules" are posted ingame and on the screenshot below.
Please be so kind to respect them!

I wanna be very clear: This Place is supposed to have NO Bases an NO Farms. Only shops for the public exchange!

Also: The Builds are supposed to impress! simple Chest shops are welcome too, but try to build something that looks awesome!
Please respect that and lets all make a nice Public Place together!

=====How to get there?======
1. Fly South from the Spawn till Z 1700
2a. Nether: There is a Ice-Speedway on the Nether-Roof in South direction (Z=210)
2b. Nether: There is also a portal on the "normal" Ice Speedways on Y=120 (Z=210)


Some (old) Sky now it is bigger:)

The "Rules"

Fast Track on the Nether Roof

Portal on the Nether Speedway below (!) the roof.