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Possible Improvements to the PvP


Feb 17, 2020
As it stands now, there seems to be two specific sources of frustration regarding the GriefPrevention plugin and how PvP is handled:

1. Players who are attacked (or killed) by another player are unable to retaliate if the rather short 5/10 seconds or so PvP timer resets and the attacker returns to a claimed area (possibly even the victim's claim/shop).

2. If the attacker is able to capitalize on intermittent claim boundaries and initiate PvP (e.g. the attacker manages to find a few blocks in an otherwise completely claimed few chunks or town area), only the attacker and their victim are able to engage in PvP inside a claim. The result is that nearby players who may want to help the victim are unable to do so due to the PvP activation applying strictly to players who were engaged in PvP with eachother before entering a claim.

I believe a solution to both of these problems would include increasing the duration of the PvP timer (30 min to 1 hour, possibly longer) and allowing any players to engage in PvP with the attacker inside claims, regardless of whether or not those players were the initial target. This would allow the victim ample time to retaliate, as well as giving nearby players opportunity to help the victim if they choose to do so, without making extreme changes to the PvP system as it is (e.g. disabling PvP altogether).

A trial period with these rules implemented would allow for players to evaluate whether or not further, more restrictive changes are desired.


Moderator-y Boi
Dec 4, 2019
Eastern US
After an eternity’s worth of development and testing...
We are proud to announce that a PvP toggle has been implemented!
No more unsolicited yeeting. Heh.

See this post for more info.
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