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LTT Festive Holiday Giveaway


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Nov 18, 2020
Hello everyone! I am posting the official information regarding the LTT Festive Holiday Giveaway I am hosting.

Happy holidays and Welcome! This event is for the LTT Survival minecraft server only! Please fill out this form to RSVP your gift request for our Giveaway! We are putting this together as a community in the LTT Minecraft Server in order to give back to our fellow players and the community it has provided each of us. This year, remember to spend time with those you care about and be thankful!

Important information:

Important Dates
  1. Due dates to submit an RSVP for the event is by December 2nd by 22:00 GMT/ 5pm EST/ 2pm PST ANY TIME AFTER THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED​
  2. Time and Date of Giveaway are To be determined , based on what players chose as the most common.​

Location of Event
  1. Primary location of the event will be hosted on the roof Nine_Juan_Juan's base (/warp use 21). There will be a giant Christmas tree with the gifts placed underneath the roots.

  2. If there are more sign ups than room for shulkers, they will be placed in a secondary location at Kailani_Waves's base (/warp use 421). More locations may need to be set up to evenly distribute gifts in a timely manner.
Item Distribution
  • Items will be distributed at the above locations, with more to come as needed.*
  • It will be arranged alphabetically with alphabet letter locations to be organized based on volume at a later date.*
  • *subject to change as the situation develops

Donation Drive
  • There will be a donation drive set up on Kailani_Waves plot at 0,0. To get there please do /warps use 445 . The co-ordinates are also 43/-122/ 70.
  • There is a hopper set up that you can throw donations into.
  • Things that would be nice to have donated would be shulker shells to create the boxes with. Other items that we are in need of are diamonds and netherite.
  • *Please note that I will not be able to tell what was donated from whom. Please use the comment section down below if you wish to let me know what you donated.

About Us
This event is player created and driven. The founder of this event is Kailani_Waves. "I wanted to give back to the LTT community that has been more than welcoming and friendly to myself and others. I have made wonderful friends and made many wonderful memories and want to pay it back to the community that has made it this way. I hope that by doing this I can continue to help people stay positive and happy this year, despite the difficulties that 2020 has presented all of us." -Kailani_Waves

The event is a first time, entirely player driven, so please bear with us in the event of glitches or the event not running as smoothly as possible. There will be no mod involvement in this event.

  • Primary Giveaway Tree built by Kailani_Waves and Nine_Juan_Juan
  • Secondary Tree built by Kailani_Waves and Selmenth
  • Google Doc page created by LcorpOfficial and Kailani_Waves

  • *More staff to come

Application Form

There are 3 different ways that you can Fill out an application for LTT Festive Holiday Giveaway

  1. The simplest and easiest method for me and you is to fill out the questionnaire on google docs

  1. For those with privacy concerns although the form does NOT collect user emails or require a sign in to complete we offer two other ways of filling out the info1:
  2. Through discord please contact @Kailani#6318
  3. Through a hopper in minecraft survival There is a hopper located at the donation drop off at (/warp use 445). You will have to either make or purchase ($100 at site) a book and quill and fill out the information from the questionnaire in the book and toss into the hopper.


  1. What is your in-game Minecraft account name?(Required) (It cannot be a nickname) (Example: Kailani_Waves) *It must be the name used when teleporting or pming someone.
  2. What server rank are you (*optional*)
  3. What is your favorite color Shulker box? (Required) If you are confused about colors look them up on the minecraft wiki!
    1. white
    2. light-gray
    3. gray
    4. black
    5. brown
    6. red
    7. orange
    8. yellow
    9. lime-green
    10. green
    11. cyan
    12. light blue
    13. blue
    14. purple
    15. magenta
    16. pink
  4. What is one item you would like the most? (Within Reason: I'm only one person after all!) (Required)
  5. What is the second most item you would like? (Within Reason) (Required)
  6. What is a third item you would like? (Within Reason) (Required)
  7. What date works best for the date of the giveaway? (Choose one or more dates) (Required)
    1. Saturday, December 19th
    2. Sunday, December 20th
    3. Monday, December 21st
    4. Tuesday, December 22nd
    5. Wednesday, December 23
  8. What time would work best for you for the giveaway? In Eastern Standard Time (EST) (Required)
  9. Any Questions, Comments or Suggestions? Such as donations, things you did to help, wanting to help volunteer (We need volunteers!), or ideas to make the event even better.

For any other questions or inquiries please either post in the forum, dm me through discord @Kailani#6318, or catch me ig on Survival @ Kailani_Waves
Thanks and happy holidays!