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Forum Ranks! (Linking and Disconnecting your MC Account)


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May 13, 2020
Hello all! :)
I am still getting adjusted into this wonderful community, but I figured I would let everyone know your donation ranks should now show in the forums!

If you have a donation rank link your account by following the instructions below and your rank should show.

linking your Minecraft account to the forums:
1) type /Link in the Hub or lobby

2) click on the "Click here to link your account to our website!"

if you are logged into the site already that is all you should have to do!

Note: if you have already linked your account prior to today and it is not showing your ranks or you are having other issues, you may want to unlink your account following the instructions below and relink it.

Unlinking your Minecraft account from the forums:
1) Click on your forum icon
2) Click on MineSync settings

3) Click Unlink account and click save!

4) when you have done this follow the instructions at the top of this post to relink it! :)

Thank you to Jawa_Juice & Elentric who have helped me with parts of this!
if this helped you at all please let me know, I would love to make more of these!