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Boat Racing Tourney (CANCELLED)


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Apr 30, 2020
Due to drama, the tourney is cancelled.

EDIT May 3rd:

There was an argument between some of the track makers and the mayor of Wildenthal. The result of the argument was 3 players (Including myself) being kicked and 2 players leaving the town in the following days. I heavily funded the track, spending around $30K of my own money for claiming land and paying taxes, I was a main contributor to the track, and I tried as much as possible to get the word out there. The splitting of the team that built the track has caused the event to become disorganized and implausible, thus leading to the event being cancelled. There is still a chance that the Mayor, Montehh, and the remaining residents of Wildenthal that contributed to the track will organize another event, but that is out of my control. I do believe that the track is still open though, and I would still highly recommend you go check it out. I am heavily disappointed that the result of these events has caused this, but I hope you can understand.
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