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    Not anymore lul

    Not anymore lul
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    RV Gamer Bois

    RV Gamer Bois
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    Farm Efficiency and changes to farms on 1.16 survival

    Farms are a very important part of Minecraft and they are widely used on the server. I know that many farms have had adjustments made to them to help with TPS. I was just wondering if the farms (involving mobs) will be adjusted or if they will be similar to what we have now. I ask because...
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    welp we be gettin a reset
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    The LTT Network Minecraft 1.16 Game Plan

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas im hyped (written by jawa_juice lmaooo jake :P)
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    he was there
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    Just a place to say thanks to all the people who help keep this server running

    Mods: Most of you *looks suspiciously at Langley (for idk bein' spooki) and Mitchka (for not liking moon pies)* have been super nice and I appreciate everything you've done for this server :) Admins and Devs: honestly I have no fucking clue what you do but I'm sure it's important Jake: Thanks...
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    Map Art Suggestions

    Just wondering what cool map arts y'all would enjoy just give an image and ill see what I can do (also I may wait until we reset to start these just btw)
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    Event suggestions and ideas

    A TNT cannon fight? A flying machine build off A race
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    Is This Server Dying?

    Seems like we should just delete the forums bc its not very useful if the discussions are never considered or looked at
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    Survival Update: The Death Rose - June 17, 2020

    Yay thx Jake and team! also yay for server performance (shit broke lmao)
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    Hi jake

    Hi jake
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    Vote for what to make my south claim

    Do the Up house, but if you can make a note block song that plays Married life (the sad song from the beginning)
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    Number of clients for survival

    well, I checked and Jake wrote the script for that video so it was his choice.
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    Survival Claim Expiration Changes - May 1, 2020

    Hey Jawa I found a few outliers ALL OF THEM jk