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    PVP Toggle ASAP pls?

    We all know there is Talk about this forever now. If we ever gonna get an PVP Toggle, PLEASE do it now. In the next weeks you wont be able to leave claimed land otherwise, with all the new Players joining the server for a funny hour of annoying People...
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    Public Shop Town made.

    So...after a lot of discussion in the last weeks I decided to again try to build something for the Public. Lets see how it goes:) I present the LTT Shop Town! Now open for everyone! The Town is located at x=0; Z=1700 (South). It is far beyond the Lag-Town on top of a huge deep Ocean and has...
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    Remove some Restrictions!

    I am sorry, but there are to many restrictions on the Creative Real to be realy usefull. Since you can drop Items you cant realy test any Redstone stuff that has to to with Item transportation You cant place Shulkers ... You cant even use a Flint&Steel, so no fires. No Portals (only for...
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    End Reset?

    So, we obviously have a resource End. That in itself implies to me that this End is gonna be reset from time to time? I just learned today that people are going out to cordinates like 170 000 already... When is this gonna be happening?
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    Increase the number of Claims from 5 to XX

    I would love it if we could get the number of possible Claims increased from 5 to 10 or something. To be clear: I am talking about the number of seperate Claims, not the number of Claim-Blocks you get! My Reasons: - Pistons only work inside Claims. you need to work inside a Claim to use them...
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    End Farm Drama and the Mods in general

    So guys, first of all: English is not my main Language! Be aware of some bad wording and misspelling^^ As we all know we had some Fun-Time about the "Public end Farm" the last days. I build that one up in my first Days on the server. (In Fact i am now about one week on this Server...) I did...