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  1. aidanangrybird

    Claiming my title as the mayor of the first non-mod town on towny

    I know many of you will attempt to dispute this. Me and WastingSky (before he became a helper) did found the first non-mod town ever on this server, Paradise Isle. It was founded on November 27th, 2019. Yes I know I am very late to claim this but you can ask other people about this. Sadly...
  2. aidanangrybird

    Rank comparison chart

    A rank comparison chart on will be very useful as every other server has one.
  3. aidanangrybird

    What payment gateways (ie Paypal) are going to be used for

    I'm asking this as some cards get rejected by Paypal for unknown reasons which means that people won't be able to buy ranks.
  4. aidanangrybird

    LTT Modpack

    Other mods will be added eventually.
  5. aidanangrybird


    Hello everybody. I am aidanangrybird. I am the mayor of Paradise Isle in the Towny server and part of BoomerEmpire. No, I am not a boomer even though I am part of BoomerEmpire. I got into Minecraft way back in 2013 and have been playing it since. I play, obviously on this server, Bedwars, and...