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    New Shopping Area

    Admins have said there will be no warp or protection stuff for a new town, so they will just have to be claimed. There are too many towns to count at the moment so yeah
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    Great work nevertheless :)
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    homo sapien anybody? no i am homo alien

    homo sapien anybody? no i am homo alien
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    Keep me updated!!!!!!!

    Keep me updated!!!!!!!
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    Think you might have a stalker O_O

    Think you might have a stalker O_O
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    Peace Palace

    This is exactly why I don't build. Cannot do stuff like this, it just turns into a giant cobble and wood mess, no idea what materials to use in big builds nor how to make circles. Pretty h0t anyways. <3
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    LTT Modpack

    Need a link to this ASAP. And teach me how to make modpacks I'm a bit broken these days.
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    New Spawn

    How... long did this take? I would not have the patience nor skill to collect the materials and make this.
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    That is one nice woof. Great build! People like you put my 120 block 8x8 holes in mountains to shame haha.
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    Jake is implementing a new ranking system with ores which I think are Iron all the way up to Obsidian and Void e.e. I do not believe you have to subscribe to donate to get these ranks, but rather with in-game playtime and in-game money. We'll find out more when he posts about it though.
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    Hello there

    We should defo join towny and create this together haha.:eek:
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    Henlo frens

    Hello moderator-y boi please can you bake me a cookie?
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    Hello, friend.

    Haha same problem in the 2nd town, loads of random buildings everywhere I can't get rid of.
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    LTT Network Public Beta Launch

    Yeah ignore me I didn't check the forum properly :P
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    How Do Multiple /Home Teleports Work?

    Was wondering how you put the commands in the boxes like on discord? Please explain. <333
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    Is there a website that has information on how to create a personal server like this?

    If he is just looking for a few friends to play with, I'd recommend him and his friends joining the same server and going onto the same gamemode to play together and joining up. If he does want to indeed create his own, great hosts include as well as Moderately easy to...
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    Website Signature

    Hi so I've been fiddling around with signatures for the past 10 minutes and can't seem to have the text keep it's size. My signature is supposed to look like: Harry_Ozzy LTT Pilot But instead every time I leave the signature page, and go back to it or reply to someone it defaults to: Harry_Ozzy...
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    When I try to change my profile photo it uploads a different photo than I selected.

    Make sure it's not too big and that it is jpg or png. No idea what the restrictions for profile photos are on this website but that usually works for me. Contact a helper or mod if this doesn't work.
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    Bonjourno fellow Steves

    Hello there! I am Harry_Ozzy, I mainly play on the regular survival server and will probably start playing on towny at some point. Didn't really realise that this was here so yeah kinda a late night post (3:50AM for me). Only been on the server a week but still pretty fun, looking forward to...