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  1. WastingSky

    New Spawn

    not that I have any use for the space lol
  2. WastingSky

    New Spawn

    I finally finished the new spawn at /t spawn ParadiseIsle in towny. This build took: around a week to build 26740 White Concrete 12809 Blocks of Coal 10371 Gray Stained Glass 7865 Cyan Terracotta 6261 polished diorite 4719 pillar quartz blocks 3335 sea lanterns 2828 quartz slabs 1181 quartz...
  3. WastingSky


    I too am WastingSky. I am the comayor of Paradise Isle in the Towny server and part of BoomerEmpire. No, I am not a boomer even though I am part of BoomerEmpire. I got into Minecraft way back in some year and have been playing it since. I play, obviously on this server, Bedwars, and many other...
  4. WastingSky


  5. WastingSky

    New Hub Sneak Peak & An Update!

    Looking forward to the official release and how the future will prosper. Thank you to all the mods and developers putting effort into keeping this server an enjoyable experience for all.