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  1. Escaalun

    1.16 - Any planned launch date (Mojang planned release 23 June 2020)

    The usual question, but do we know if there will be any testing conducted for 1.16 as a viable upgrade to the 1.12.2. Secondly, do we know if there might be any consideration of still running the 1.12.2 server as a player capped limited server? Although I understand that you won't know all of...
  2. Escaalun

    Concise shopping district - New warp location and opportunity suggestion

    Sorry if this has been raised before, but I couldn't see it anywhere. It oocurs to me that the shopping district is a first come first serve basis. Great if you were there when the server opened, sucks if you joined a little later. So a suggestion that will probably be shoot down is can we set...
  3. Escaalun

    Mod confirmation - Klee Slabs

    Dear Sirs Can I please have confirmation that the mod that I wont get banned. I have checked but cannot find a list of mods that are blacklisted and which ones are acceptable. Kind regards Escaalun - Survival SMP