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    Petition to make more warps with a certain amount of playtime on the server

    I vote for 2x amount of hours gives you +1 warp.
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    Petition To Be Able To Sleep At Anytime Instead Of Only During Night And Thunderstorms

    NOPE. Minecraft is not a game to sleep. Its for exploring and creating stuff and memories. Beds were introduced for respawn points. Since beds don,t work as respawn point in this server, Its used to be safe from phantoms.Making beds usable at day changes the way we think of this server and the...
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    Should the endfarm be taken down?

    ik its late but i have a thing to say The fact that an important farm in the server is not protected is important for thr playerbase. people grief it ik its bad but people of different ranks, levels, skills , all get together to repair it. Its kinda fun and team worky 😉 If u think u dont need...