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    how do i get a rank

    Go to
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    As per the following quote from the LTT Minecraft Discord, yes, it is allowed.
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    Just claim small areas, blow them up, and move the claim. Also, why do you need 16x16 chunks cleared to bedrock?
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    bot protection bug

    1. Are you making a particularly large book and/or is there unicode in it? 2. Make a ticket here so that it can be seen easily by those that can fix the issue.
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    Petition to increase 5 claims limit

    They shouldn't, that would make this server somewhat p2w, which it currently isn't at all.
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    Plugin Suggestion

    Make a support ticket here so that it's easier for the mods to see your suggestion.
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    No, it is not. Here is my source.
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    The LTT Network Minecraft 1.16 Game Plan

    No, the server is a Java Edition(PC) server.
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    i keep getting kicked anytime i open my inventory

    Make a bug report here.
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    I think Obsidian rank should be renamed to Netherite rank so it matches the other ranks

    Make a support request here so that staff can have an easier time finding your suggestion.
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    Wither Spawning

    Make a ticket here so that your suggestion can be seen by staff.
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    More land Protection

    Yes, you can buy claim blocks for 100$ per claim block using /buyclaim <amount_of_blocks>.
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    The LTT Network Minecraft 1.16 Game Plan

    I doubt that it will be carried over since McMMO changed a lot between 1.12.2 and 1.16.
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    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Linus the Wise?

    He said somewhere that he wants to get 1k messages, so this is probably how he's attempting to achieve that.