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    Vanilla PvP Toggle Poll

    Possible solution: Tag-In PVP - First hit does no damage (maybe some knockback but reduced), the "attacked" player gets notified in chat that if they strike back full pvp will be enabled. Additional random ideas that don't have to be combined with each other or the above idea Punching is...
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    10/7 Property For Sale

    SOLD for 11k to BRISINGR05
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    10/7 Property For Sale

    Property images here: Selling expired lot. Comes with: * Villager Breader * Small Pig/Cow farm * Existing housing * Multiple Nether links * Existing mineshaft * Various items in chests
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    Lottery the third

    I feel this is more of a cryptographic challenge than a lottery.
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    ideas for custom death messages

    General: [Player] Alt-F4'd Only on Fridays: [Player] was too distracted by WANShow The Void: [Player] tried to get Void rank the wrong way Suffocation: [Player] took Papa Roach's Last Resort a bit to literally Crashing with an elytra: [Player] became a Crash Test Dummy Falling to death while...
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    Survival Update: The Death Rose - June 17, 2020

    Yeet sticks (Knockback X sticks) when?
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    Survival SMP Timeline

    Perfect time to start an incursion then :P
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    You should know / tips and tricks

    Does this apply to Easy Survival or Towny?
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    New Hub Sneak Peak & An Update!

    Twitter link is broke, but big hub is big O.O