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    Wither Event

    Honestly Mitchka, i wasted like 5 minutes now with the stupid Timezone conversion... Do it the right way or dont do it at all. Post a Countdown Timer, Do it in 3 different timezones, Or at least use UTC here. Isnt that hard, is it? Also: CST is litterly the worst Timezone to use ever. There are...
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    Survival Claim Expiration Changes - May 1, 2020

    I second that. I guess it woul be better and fair to the NA people to have it in a few days from now, maybe even next Weekend or something
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    Survival Claim Expiration Changes - May 1, 2020

    Please clear up some confusion: Does this mean claims over 45 days will be gone after the next reboot that happens in about 15hrs ? Or do we have to get a MOd to clear them for us on request? If they are not all gone after the reboot, i would like to suggest to give all players /seen till the...
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    Increase the number of Claims from 5 to XX

    Maybe a bit harsh in Language but true. Claims hardly makes out Towny. I would simply response to this arguments with a fact: We dont ask for a new Feature or a big change here. The number of 5 Claims is a random number that got selected long ago. This is a Beta Server. I dont see the problem...
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    LTT Modpack

    You got a Name for that Modpack? cant find anything with "LTT" in the search...
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    Increase the number of Claims from 5 to XX

    You remember the Town over the Water i made in the hope of getting a "shopping district"? Well the town didnt get as successfull as i hoped for, but there are still shome shops there, and it is definitly a build. The Icepath above the Netherroof to the town gets griefed every day. In the Town...
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    Increase the number of Claims from 5 to XX

    I Would Like to push this Thread up again. For once i realy would appreciate if we could get an Opinion of Jake on this matter. This was a good discussion with good reasoning that all sides participated in. It would show some Interest for Opinion of the Community to answer this. The Second...
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    PVP Toggle ASAP pls?

    We all know there is Talk about this forever now. If we ever gonna get an PVP Toggle, PLEASE do it now. In the next weeks you wont be able to leave claimed land otherwise, with all the new Players joining the server for a funny hour of annoying People...
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    Addressing concerns about farm FPS drops in South Town UPDATED 05-06 Staff Assistance Requested.

    While i agree to 100% with you @Langley_Man , what did you expect to happen on the Server? There are to simple reasons to build your Base as close to Spawn as possible: 1.) Shops. Since there is no "Warp Shops" or something like that people wanna have Shops that other can get to. /spawn makes...
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    Concise shopping district - New warp location and opportunity suggestion

    Sooo.... Maybe i build this:
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    Public Shop Town made.

    So...after a lot of discussion in the last weeks I decided to again try to build something for the Public. Lets see how it goes:) I present the LTT Shop Town! Now open for everyone! The Town is located at x=0; Z=1700 (South). It is far beyond the Lag-Town on top of a huge deep Ocean and has...
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    Remove some Restrictions!

    I am sorry, but there are to many restrictions on the Creative Real to be realy usefull. Since you can drop Items you cant realy test any Redstone stuff that has to to with Item transportation You cant place Shulkers ... You cant even use a Flint&Steel, so no fires. No Portals (only for...
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    Concise shopping district - New warp location and opportunity suggestion

    Thats exactly my Problem. Thank you for stating it so clearly:)
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    Survival SMP Timeline

    I would dare to say: The Puclic End Farm Wars -> 26.02-01.03 or something like that :P
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    Concise shopping district - New warp location and opportunity suggestion

    I would ask you to keep the discussion civil and not call me "bat shit insane". Thank you McTangelo. I made a suggestion. Of course there are Resons for and against it. My thought was to have an Option against "prime spots". To specify it more: I would only ad more Warps when then Town has...