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    Probably want to make a ticket about this instead of a general post, does sound like an issue that needs addressing.
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    The LTT Network Minecraft 1.16 Game Plan

    So does this mean skyblock confirmed/canceled then?
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    Wither Event

    Let's cool down a bit, Mitchka is trying to do a nice thing here so let's just say thank you and move on :) Also, I'm in CST and CST is da bomb :P
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    Rank comparison chart

    Try setting a fourth? I mean nothing to lose by trying.
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    No More Rewards for Voting?

    The idea is that the more positive votes the server gets, the higher it goes in the rankings on each site thus the more player visibility it gets. Unfortunately, while many people do vote (including myself), there just aren't enough raw people voting to make it rise. I would enjoy some new...
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    Rank comparison chart

    Right-o. Not sure when that changed but I'm glad it did 😁 if I hadn't been in game at the right time when a new player asked a mod about homes I wouldn't have known this.
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    Rank comparison chart

    Maybe not put the Pilot perk of 5 homes in there...
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    Is This Server Dying?

    Some very valid points in the above post and I agree with the vast majority of them (except the king's thing, good idea but doesn't seem like the right "fit" for the ltt server plus don't we already have a king of the north? ;)). Since I feel I've been part of the server for over 700 hours, I'll...
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    Survival Update: The Death Rose - June 17, 2020

    I wonder what the issue was when they initially tried to launch it...
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    Survival Update: The Death Rose - June 17, 2020

    Do we have an update on when we can expect to see the death rose yet by chance?
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    auto kick from mcmmo party?

    I would like to upvote this, such a simple change to make things better all around.
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    request to increase the nether mob cap

    I would agree with this, had zero spawns this morning when I tried to pop in for a few. Edit: and by zero, I mean zero anything: no blaze, no pigman, nothing. Made me think something was wrong with the server so I popped into another farm in the overworld and it worked fine.
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    I'm sorry to see you go but can't say as I blame you. Those of us in the group that stick around will keep things going and the tower alive and hopefully you pop in from time to time! On a side note, Athrur (and other members of the group) are a large part of why I stuck around on this server...
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    Under The Spawn Area

    From my understanding, a player that tp'd there when @jakkuh showed the area off quite a while ago had logged off there and not gotten back on until now where he happened to log off before, happened to log back on and tp people there. One thing led to another kind of thing...
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    Under The Spawn Area

    Few more from the party!