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    New Shopping Area

    Admins have said there will be no warp or protection stuff for a new town, so they will just have to be claimed. There are too many towns to count at the moment so yeah
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    Great work nevertheless :)
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    homo sapien anybody? no i am homo alien

    homo sapien anybody? no i am homo alien
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    Keep me updated!!!!!!!

    Keep me updated!!!!!!!
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    Think you might have a stalker O_O

    Think you might have a stalker O_O
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    Peace Palace

    This is exactly why I don't build. Cannot do stuff like this, it just turns into a giant cobble and wood mess, no idea what materials to use in big builds nor how to make circles. Pretty h0t anyways. <3
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    LTT Modpack

    Need a link to this ASAP. And teach me how to make modpacks I'm a bit broken these days.
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    New Spawn

    How... long did this take? I would not have the patience nor skill to collect the materials and make this.
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    That is one nice woof. Great build! People like you put my 120 block 8x8 holes in mountains to shame haha.
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    Jake is implementing a new ranking system with ores which I think are Iron all the way up to Obsidian and Void e.e. I do not believe you have to subscribe to donate to get these ranks, but rather with in-game playtime and in-game money. We'll find out more when he posts about it though.
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    Hello there

    We should defo join towny and create this together haha.:eek:
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    Henlo frens

    Hello moderator-y boi please can you bake me a cookie?
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    Hello, friend.

    Haha same problem in the 2nd town, loads of random buildings everywhere I can't get rid of.
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    LTT Network Public Beta Launch

    Yeah ignore me I didn't check the forum properly :P