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    Claimblocks remaining an issue

    Claimblocks remain an issue on Vanilla. The limited number of claimblocks stifles what can be done in the world leading to experienced players quitting and the server dying. Were experiences players staying to play on the server as they could actually continue to work on projects leading to more...
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    When will the server update to 1.17

    There has not been an announced reset for 1.17. If anything it's been all but official (As far as I know) that there will not be a reset until 1.17 pt 2 /1.18. If speedbirds cave is a warp on Survival then your warp would've expired by now and unless you had immune claims your claim would likely...
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    Increasing number of claims

    The issue with the number of claims (and my issue with claim blocks) is that we cannot claim enough, once we hit out limit (as many have already) we cannot continue building as we dont have anymore claim blocks. My point was that we're not going to claim the entire 40k x 40k because there simply...
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    Increasing number of claims

    As the server doesn't have a large player base it would also take an extraordinary amount of time for such an occurrence to happen, and with server resets whenever a new update comes out. this will likely never happen. And not being able to claim land down to y 0 isn't a good thing as some base...
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    Increasing number of claims

    Issue with that... After a while you still build large structures.
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    Can more people play the Vanilla survival?/ Thanksgiving at the Tic Base???

    Yeah... would've mentioned it to you but didn't see the post till a week or two after Thanksgiving.
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    There are no announced plans for a 1.17 update. There is SPECULATION that there will be a reset. I personally hope that there is a reset soon, as while it would be possible to generate more of the world by expanding the world border, yeeting the bottom layer of bedrock and generating y5-0 down...
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    I just lost most of my valuables at a gold farm is there anything that can be done?

    Best case scenario is that the farm collected the items. Reach out to the farm owner and see if they have the items, if the items are not there, then all hope is lost. The bright side is you're playing easy survival and items are easier to get back.
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    Um go to north community on vanilla survival
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    Vanilla PvP Toggle Poll

    Your recommendation for someone who wants to switch to easy survival is naive in simple terms. There are so many things about vanilla that make it better than easy survival, tnt duping, no mcmmo, bedrock breaking, and formerly, the community. However recently the community has become more and...
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    Increasing number of claims

    In addition to increased number of claims. I think that we should really have unlimited (non capped) claim blocks. because right now it almost feels like you get punished for having a lot of hours on the server and reaching 30,000 claim blocks. Edit: A better idea would be to un-cap the claim...